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World of Dress Up Games and Other Girl Games

As your little girls grow up, they always show a fascination for dressing up and imitating all the trends that they observe around them. Almost every girl child loves dressing up her toys and Barbie dolls and does all little homely things such as cooking and cleaning, which they happen to pick up from the women of the house. There are hundreds of dresses up games, girl games, cooking games, Barbie games, which are offered online to keep the young minds of your girls actively engaged and increase their creativity.
This has enabled several kids to take up the role of a fashion designer and explore all avenues of creative styles and to discover their passion.

Dress Up Games

It was during the late '90s several interactive 'dress up games' were created online, in which you can drag and drop the clothes into an image of the dolls. There are hundreds of websites that provide directories of such games, which they regularly update with new games. Currently there are hundreds of flash-based games. However, by the year 2010, dress up games underwent a change. The game play and graphics have hugely improved and almost every week/month, new games are being introduced with several inventions and improvisations.
How are the 'dress up games' useful for kids?
Dress up games involve in various themes such as bride dress up games, fashion dress up, dressing up the princess, dressing up the bride for a royal wedding, Hawaii style dressing up, official and party occasions, dressing up a movie star, Glee cast dress up, women of various western countries, dressing up babies, beauty saloon makeup, fashion designer, prom dress, date dress up, street punk style, ballroom dressing up, and hundreds of other innovative themes. Now, when the little ones involve in such games, they not only improve their color skills, they also gain lots of knowledge on what each of the occasion is for and what are the different dressing styles for various occasions. This in turn improves their dressing styles too.
However, you must pick the right website for your little girl and the appropriate dress up games for her age. There are points given and various levels, which allow the little ones to set a goal for them and achieve it.
There are games that more than one kid can play and this increases the group play of your kids and help them to learn how to work in a group.This is one of the best ways to engage your little girls who have to be creatively engaged in a single place.Since many of the games involve points and money (not real money) as rewards for their works, the little ones learn how to spend the money use them appropriately to earn more.
Other Games

Girl Games

There are thousands of girl games offered online in hundreds of websites. These kindle various talents of little ones on a huge range of fields, as these include diverse games such as animal games, food based games, dress up games, nail coloring games, hidden objects, hip hop teacher, fashion games, kissing games, etc.
Several of these girl games have come up with animated versions too. These games groom the talents of the little ones and also improve their concentration, color sense, combining various shades of colors and discover shades, and also include lots of fun and surprises to engage them positively.

Cooking Games

Cooking games allow your little ones to get familiar with various ingredients and teach them different types of cooking methods and expert combinations. It also educates them about how long each dish has to be cooked and the importance of hygiene. The other best part of such cooking game is that, they teach the kids to learn about the health aspect along with the concept of a balanced diet. They offer the best of two worlds; your kids not only enjoy cooking, you are free to do your chores, as you know they are engaged in safe games online.

Barbie Dress up Games

Barbie has always remained 'the love' of little girls and in fact some elders too. Since many years, girls have been dressing up, grooming, and fixing up dates for their Barbie. The new versions of Barbie games online provide your little ones with various options to design and decorate various types of hair extensions and styles, and transform the entire look of their virtual Barbie dolls. There are games that also provide a chance to create a magazine or decorate a dog with endless possibilities.

Summary: There is no end for the evolving girl dress up games, which greatly contribute to the development of creativity and color sense to your little girls. Not only the kids, even many elders enjoy these games.
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